Wednesday, 30 March 2011

GG Shrike and Vismig at Hutton Roof

(This is a photo of the Shrikes favourite tree, which it is seen on most days - this is a view looking from the East side of the tree, but it can also been clearly seen with binoculars straight away from leaving Dalton Crags and on entering the deforested area - please click over photo to enlarge and click again to supersize)

Today the Shrike was seen from about 0900hrs up until leaving the Trig point at 1030hrs and for the majority of this time it was again on its "favourite tree" (see photo above). I did see it also do a almost vertical climb of 20ft to catch a insect and then diving straight down and back up to its favourite perch.

At 0645hrs I had a new calling Chiffchaff from Vicarage Lane, Burton and this bird was again heard and seen later, having crossed the road whilst going up Slape Lane at 0800hrs. Lots of midge plumes this morning whilst going up Slape, quite near to where the footpath crosses over. One Curlew flew over Slape towards a South East. Treecreeper noted near to gamecrop.

5 separate Chiffchaffs calling again in Burton Fell (lower section) and one suspect Willow Warbler (unconfirmed), also lots of Bullfinches both on the Fell and on the Common.

Vismig: (0900-1030hrs) all North or North West unless stated otherwise. Very cold and starting to get wet, so left around 1030hrs, the migration had reduced to a light trickle.

Meadow Pipits: 30

Linnet: 4E

Also had Male Stonechat on territory, Redpoll - several presumed local, also Great Spotted Woodpecker drumming, and Goldcrest singing in Burton Fell.

I do think in regard to vismig that something may have been going on yesterday afternoon, because on travelling through to Milnthorpe via Moss Lane (Burton to Hale), there were at least 3 Mipit parties going through all parties of no less than 10 birds each. This was purely has I travelled the Moss which takes about 3 minutes, so perhaps there where lots of stuff going through, I was not in a position to stop and count. This was at 1530hrs and probably because the weather changed and it came good late for migration.