Thursday, 17 March 2011

No Shrike, but lots of movement with Pipits - 17th March 2011

0900hrs - 1030hrs.
Went in search of the Great Grey Shrike on Hutton Roof. But on reaching the Trig the weather turned bad with visability down to almost 10 metres and at best 20 metres, so that turned out a bit of a washout. It was reported to me yesterday that the Shrike was seen yesterday (16th March 2011) but had crossed over the boundary into Lancelot Clark Storth.

On Way up to trig after leaving Dalton Woods, there where lots of Meadow Pipits crossing over the Dalton (deforested area - rotting Woodpiles), and they were going in a South to North direction, with just one party heading in a more North West. I counted plenty and estimated that they where going through at about 40 birds per hour. Most of the birds I saw were singles with just odd pairs. I did have one party of 15 birds and another of 7, but did suspect these to be passing "blogging" parties that had been held up somewhere further South because of the poor visability and had decided to recommence their journeys. Also there was Alba Wagtails, Linnets and Chaffinch on the move also.

It was nice to see a pair of Stonechats had come in and I first met them just after leaving the Dalton Woods area and finally saw them South of the Trig, they were a pair and I regularly heard them chakking, and chasing one another as though in courtship.

Also a couple of singing Skylark, holding territory, some Meadow Pipits holding territory at the Trig area.

Also had calling Buzzard and Ravens.