Friday, 11 March 2011

No Shrike on Hutton Roof yesterday or today

I have been up on Hutton Roof both yesterday and again this morning between 0930hrs and 1030hrs. I have checked all areas but the Shrike was not showing.

In fairness it was blowing a gale up there, something like 40mph gust yesterday and probably a little less at 30mph gust again today, so I don't blame it if its decided to sit tight. Its probably moved down to lower altitude where the winds will have abated, so that it has more chance of abundant prey!

Also today I heard quite a few Meadow Pipits, that where either back on territory, or having a stop over. Also several Skylarks going through and at least one partly singing, so perhaps back on its territory. Also lots of Thrushes and Finches feeding from the floor against one of the rotting woodpiles, which lay within the close proximity to the Dalton Crag Woods.

Addendum added: 12th March 2011: Members of the L&DBS reported it present yesterday at 1200hrs.

Dalton to Hutton Roof Trig and thereabouts (11th March 2011)

Great Tit calling with explosive, "Chuff chuff chuff chuff",
A Vole or Shrew ran across my path, only feet away...
Light or White or even Black, moving Clouds,
From the South West with little rain to the North East,
A skyward call of repeated "thrup" was sung with such sweetness,
I looked up, but cannot see you, but I know your there..
The Skylark also crosses above my path today
Yet from the ground Meadow Pipits call, whilst tucked away..