Friday, 27 April 2012

Cuckoo has arrived in Dalton.

0900hrs - Great to see three House Martins back on territory at Dalton. Also calling was Chiffchaff Dale in the Dalton area. Still so quiet with the Swallows. At Russell Farm, Dalton they normally have about 20-30 breeding birds (which usually produce up to 60/70 birds during a given season, and which normally would have been back long ago by now (eg: around the 7th-10th April) and yet they have still only got four birds back.

0935hrs Dalton (Plain Quarry) to Trig Point on Hutton Roof and return.

I had been kindly informed earlier in the day that the "Cuckoo" had arrived back on the upper Dalton (last years arrival date was May 4th 2011). And before long I could hear it making it's familiar call "Cuc-koo" and it was within a couple hundred yards to where it regular arrives. I soon caught sight of the bird and did manage to get a photo -(although quite distant).

On the way up I had Chiffchaff Craig near the Car Park, and Chiff Henry from far lower down. Willow Warblers throughout, Blackcap just above the Car Park, in fact there are two or three from around this area. Still not seen the re-appearance of the Garden Warbler.

The most beautiful calls and their special "parachuting" displays of our Tree Pipits could be heard and seen, when half way up the Crags to the right hand side. And at all usual points in the Dalton (deforested/upper).

Also Linnets (2) Meadow Pipit (2) and several Redpoll calls going overhead North on passage.

Great also to find out that "Tree Sparrows" are breeding in the Burton area.