Friday, 20 April 2012

More "Northern Wheatear" and increased Tree Pipits

0545-0700hrs: Still lots of sentinel Blackbirds singing from on top of their "blossom" trees and the odd Song Thrush in competition from across the road on nearby chimney pots. One's so sweet to the left ear and the other is so sweet to ones right ear.. They are there on most days, well at least in the case of the Blackbird and its always a great pleasure to be able to shout up to them "Good Morning, and how are you this morning". It always suprises me, how when the bird is singing away like this so early in the morning it will let you walk under its tree, as though you was'nt there. But at any other time of the day, its away fleeing your presence with haste!

Had plenty more Willow Warblers on my travels this morning with new calling birds from Hordley House gardens, Dalton Hall area, Crag Bank (Vicarage Rd area) and Church Bank area. Also Chiffs (Victor or Vicky) from back of Crag Bank and also Claw from nearby Clawthorpe Hall.

Just been checking out my dairies and noticed last year that there was a surge of Garden Warblers came in around Good Friday, which was April 22nd last year. So anyday now!

(0900hrs-1115hours) The only Chiff not back yet from last years list was Henry of (Near to Henridding), well guess what! he's arrived and singing merrily away this morning. He probably has been here a while and just gone unnoticed.

Tree Pipit numbers are slightly up again with two birds to the right hand side of the car park (Crag House side), and had five singing in the Dalton (upper/deforested) area. Still to check out another couple of areas where they could well be present.

Another good morning with a further four "Northern Wheatear" arrived (two males and two females) again on the Dalton (upper).

Sky singing happily away with lots of "Swallow" and "Tree Pipits" within her repertoire. Willow Warblers must be at their peak now, I had 22 singing birds (thats just around the Car Park area and Crag House side open area, 7 birds actually within the Crags direct walk up, and the rest to the side of the path going up through the (deforested/upper).