Monday, 19 September 2011

Owd Ned grabbed a feasant!

Owd Ned Grabbed A Feasant!

"This is a true story of what happened this morning"

Went up owd Clarthorpe, reet tu top,
Tu carnt all burds thas moving.
Today lucked good and Mipits wer abairt,
Shepherd stopped jeep and said,
Wat ar ti doing, what art ti lucking fur!
So a towd him, I wer here cowntin Swallers.

Tha cowntin Swallers, that’s gud stuff hi sed,
Tha nus it wer bout half hour ago, before tha come,
A si Owd Ned carrying a feasant in his gob,
Just darn theer, it wer greet to si,
He just wacked street past me,
Ye a pheasant in his gob it wer.

Sheperd then started to drive off back darn to Clarthorpe,
Hi wer chuckling, and sharted owt tu winder,

“A bet he’ll be smacking his lips na”…..