Saturday, 24 September 2011

Visible Bird Migration at Hutton Roof - 24th September 2011

Visible Bird Migration - Saturday September 24th 2011.
Hutton Roof, Cumbria.
0800hrs - 1000hrs
Wind: S then SSW 15mph. Drizzle at first to light rain.
Movement: S unless stated.

Yet another quiet day, blocked with gusty Southerly winds and rain throughout.

Meadow Pipit: 59
Chaffinch: 75 (90%W and 10%E)
Goldfinch: 4 (2E)
Linnet: 3
Reed Bunting: 3
Redpoll: 2E
Bullfinch: 2W
Siskin: 2W
Greenfinch: 1E
Swallow: 10W
Mistle Thrush: 8 (3,3,2)
Alba Wagtail: 2
Starling: 5 (2E, 3W).
Great Spotted Woodpecker: 1W.

also a small party of geese S-N see at far distance in the Bay.