Friday, 30 September 2011

Visible Bird Migration at Hutton Roof - 30th September 2011

(This mornings skyscape from Hutton Roof towards Ingleborough - double click over photo to enlarge)

Visible Bird Migration - Friday September 30th 2011.
Hutton Roof, Cumbria.
0700hrs - 1100hrs.
Wind: E 8-10mph
Movement: S unless stated

This mornings count was just steady plodding. Tits were definately on the increase. 1st (presumed) Continental Blackbird. First day of Starling squadrons coming over in groups, presumed to have left roost at Leighton Moss (early doors). Two Twite parties, and a Marsh Harrier had to be the bonus....

Chaffinch: 252 (15,10s,7s etc) in the main W, some SE
Meadow Pipits: 286 (Best parties: 11,10s,8s etc) all strict S
Goldfinch: 51 (best parties 8,8,8,7,6) all S or W
Siskin: 24 minimum (best party 5, missed at least 9 parties)
Greenfinch: 4 only E
Linnet: 45 (best parties: 14,11,5) all S or W
Redpoll: 6E (one party 5)
Twite: 5E (3,2)
Starling: 80E, 20W (East move probably ex roost)
Alba Wagtail: 29 (all singles or pairs S)
Reed Bunting: 2
Skylark: 14 (one 3 others pairs)
Blackbird: 1 (W, from behaviour presumed Continental!)
Mistle Thrush: 2
Woodpigeon: 6E
Raven: 1
Great Spotted Woodpecker: 1SE
Green Woodpecker: 1SW
Blue Tit: 16 (in 2-4 parties)
Coal Tit: 10 (one party)
Great Tit: 6
Marsh Harrier: 1
Peregrine: 1
Buzzard: 3 (never sure, but seemed to be movers)