Monday, 26 September 2011

Visible Bird Migration at Hutton Roof - 26th September 2011

Visible Bird Migration - Monday September 26th 2011.
Hutton Roof, Cumbria.
0700hrs - 1100hrs.
Wind: W5mph increasing to WNW 15mph.
Movement: South unless stated.

Today without doubt from about 0730hrs to 0800hrs was the best Mipit push so far for Hutton Roof, with many parties of 10s, 13s,12s etc. and coming through regular during this short period. It then seemed to die off quickly, and just trickles after. I also later realised that many birds where being missed, because although I could hear them (just about) I could not see them at first, but did eventually catch glimpses of odd ones at very high altitude. Also had a Redwing call but did not see the bird.

Meadow Pipit: 495 (90% of count during 0730hrs to 0800hrs) best parties: 13,12,11,10s etc.
Chaffinch: 122 (will have been lots more than this but missed) 90% W the others E as is usual.
Goldfinch: 26
Siskin: 5
Linnet: 5 W
Greenfinch: 2E (usually East)
Starling: 24E
Swallow: 11 (E and W)
House Martin: 1
Woodpigeon: 2 W
Alba Wagtail: 9
Skylark: 9 SW
Raven: 2S
Great Spotted Woodpecker: 1W
Mistle Thrush: 4W
Reed Bunting: 1W