Thursday, 6 October 2011

Visible Bird Migration at Hutton Roof - Thr 6th October 2011.

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Visible Bird Migration - Thr October 6th 2011
Hutton Roof, Cumbria.
0700hrs - 1030hrs
W25 - 35 mph
Movement: South unless stated.

Today again was very windy, but did manage to find a corridor the Mipits where using on the East Side (Kelker Gap). Here they were steadily trickling through with my best party of 40 (1000hrs). Few where also going over at the point approx 400 yards from the stile, as though at the first section of the shelter they got the lift and over, but without doubt a 100 yard wide corridor was very active at the spot I have marked "Kelker Gap". And a big thank you to Martin (from Potters Bar) who so kindly gave me the co-ordinances for the spot). Steady 6+ parties where still going through on leaving.

Meadow Pipit: 250 (best parties 40,22,20,12,10s,8s,6s etc)
Chaffinch: 83 (all West)
Siskin: 13
Goldfinch: 11
Alba Wagtail: 1
Woodpigeon: 3E
Raven: 1
Starling: 4E
Blue Tit: 2
Greenfinch: 2
Mistle Thrush: 2
Swallow: 3
Blackbird: 1
Reed Bunting: 3
Common Buzzard: 1

Also had a party of about 30 Swallows whilst traversing the Canal from Holme to Burton at around the 12noon mark.

Spent the afternoon going up to the Trig and beyond. Even in winds of 50mph there was up to 20 mipits over 30 minutes, went through, though they where struggling and most of the movements where in short distance ups and downs, but still covering distance.