Sunday, 16 October 2011

Visible Bird Migration at Hutton Roof - Sun 16th October 2011

Visible Bird Migration - Sunday October 16th 2011.
Hutton Roof, Cumbria.
0700hrs - 1200hrs
Wind: Westerley 10-15, Rain and mist with vis down to 30 yards.
Movement: South unless stated.

Today started with terrible weather with continual rain and visibility down to almost 30 yards. A few birds where seen to go directly overhead within 20 yards (almost all where Finches to a score or so), and odd Thrush calls where heard. At approx 0900hrs the mist started to lift and by 0945hrs it had 90% cleared also the rain had stopped. For the next 30 minutes or so it was very lively with lots of Thrush parties going through, again mainly Fieldfare. All birds went W to NW which is their normal routing. I just had one party of FF at 1055hrs which went SE. The wind seemed to have picked up a bit, and it was making the Thrushes cross from say Barbon direction to Whin Yeats Farm and then gain height to cross over Farleton. Pinkfeet heard but just could not get on them. First Bramblings.

Fieldfare: 1381 W or NW (just one party of about 180 went SE) (best parties: 250,180,150,100,100)
Redwing: 364 W or NW (best parties: 60,40, most around 20)
Blackbird: 15 NW (8,6,1)Mistle Thrush: 4 NW
Starling: 80 W (50,30)
Chaffinch: 138 W or E (best parties: 4s)
Brambling: 4 W (2,2)Goldfinch: 26 W or E (best parties: 8,7,6)
Siskin: 3
Redpoll: 2
Greenfinch: 40 W (best parties 20,11)
Alba Wagtail: 6
Meadow Pipit: 43
Reed Bunting: 1
Coal Tit: 3
Skylark: 1
Woodpigeon: 25 (24W 1E)
Pink Footed Goose (a good skein at 1040hrs, sounded as though to S or SW, very large, could hear for 10mins but just could not see)
Goose sp: A large V formation could be seen over the bay by Warton heading S, poss 75-150?