Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Visible Bird Migration at Hutton Roof - Wed 12th October 2011

Visible Bird Migration - Wednesday October 12th 2011.
Hutton Roof, Cumbria.
0915hrs - 1015hrs.
Wind: W 8mph
Weather: Drizzle at times and low cloud to both East and West flanks.
Movement: South unless stated.

Today turned out, yet another washout, with heavy rain from first light up until about 0900hrs, also mixed with this 30 yard visibility, I decided not to bother, and went when things looked a little better at 0915hrs. But by then it was very quiet, just simply no-birds. Left at 1015hrs.

Redpoll: 3SE
Woodpigeon: 16E
Goldfinch: 47 (one party 30 N which also had a couple Siskin as well as)
Siskin: 3
Chaffinch: 25 (7E)
Meadow Pipit: 7
Redwing: 1