Monday, 31 October 2011

Visible Bird Migration at Hutton Roof - Mon 31st October 2011

(This is a short video of the Starling roost at Leighton from 2009 - I managed to dig it out of the archives, I will be going for some new video later this week. Please enjoy....)

Visible Bird Migration - Monday October 31st 2011.
Hutton Roof, Cumbria.
Wind: SSW 15mph

"Hauntingley quiet"

Fieldfare: 215 (All W, a party of approx 200 plus dribs and drabs up to 15)
Redwing: 7 W (3,2,2)
Blackbird: 1 W
Mistle Thrush: 1 W
Starling: None, but maybe a few hundred E from roost.
Goldfinch: 2 W
Chaffinch: 75 either E or W
Siskin: 5 (2,1,2)
Greenfinch: 13 (1,3,1,4,3)
LBBG: 300 in 30s all East presumed ex roost.