Saturday, 15 October 2011

Visible Bird Migration at Hutton Roof - Sat 15th October 2011

Visible Bird Migration - Saturday October 15th 2011.
Hutton Roof, Cumbria.
0730hrs to 1200hrs
Wind: SSE 5-8 mph
Movement: South unless stated.

Today was steady for the first three hours and then just trickles after. The Thrushes did start off very well going W and even NW, then this like yesterday turned for them to go W/SW and also N and NE and SE, so they almost did the full circle of directions. No fabulous large parties, but did have a 250 at 1130hrs.

Fieldfare: 2521 (Like I've said all directions, but started W/NW) (best parties: 250,150,120,80s)
Redwing: 1076 (mainly West, some East) (best parties: 100,80,70)
Chaffinch: 407 (as usual East or West - today 50%)
Mistle Thrush: 2 W
Meadow Pipit: 34 mainly SW some SE.
Alba Wagtail: 8
Bullfinch: 2
Woodpigeon: 98 (mainly E some SW)
Great Spotted Woodpecker: 1 E
Greenfinch: 24 (Mainly E some W)
Goldfinch: 80 (Mainly E odds W)
Blue Tit: 10
Coal Tit: 2
Great Tit 4
Siskin: 11 mainly W
Linnet: 2 W
Starling: 83 W (best: 60,20)
Song Thrush: 1W
Skylark: 5 W (best: 3)
Kestrel: 2 SW (plus local bird)
Yellowhammer: 1Goldcrest: 1 (possibly local)
Long Tailed Tit (one party 20+ possibly local)
Pink Footed Goose: 120 South

My thanks also to Jean Roberts and also to Bill, Jeff and Jenny of the L&DBWS.