Friday, 14 October 2011

Visible Bird Migration at Hutton Roof - Fri 14th October 2011

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Visible Bird Migration - Friday October 14th 2011
Hutton Roof, Cumbria.
0700hrs - 1200hrs.
Wind: SE/SSE 10mph
Movement: South unless stated.

Today was good early with Thrushes, curtailing at 1000hrs, other than odd parties. Thrushes in the main were to South, South West, and West. Occasional parties to the NW and after 1000hrs odd parties started to go South East. At 1100hrs the 3 or 4 parties came through to the West.
Chaffinch Strong today. More Woodpigeon today.

Fieldfare: 4223 (mainly S to SW, but also W,NW,SE) (best parties:180,170,150,140,140,120,120).
Redwing: 998 (mainly West some E) (best parties: 150,60,60,60,50,40,40,40,40)
Chaffinch: 338 (mainly W but at least 25% E)
Greenfinch: 55 (mainly W some E) (best parties: 14,10,8)
Goldfinch: 58 (mainly W some E) (best parties: 20,12,8)
Siskin: 41 (mainly W some E) (best parties: 12,10)
Crossbill: 7 E (6,1)
Linnet: 4 W
Skylark: 5 SW (3,2)
Mistle Thrush: 1W
Starling: 33 W (all small groups gave the appearance of "continentals")
Woodpigeon: 75 (some E some W - best parties: 18,17,8)
Alba Wagtail: 8
Blue Tit: 8
Coal Tit: 2
Lapwing: 15 W

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I have been to check out the area which lies a few hundred yards further on than Nanny Hall-Timberyard area (Dalton Road - Kirkby - Nr turn off for Hutton Roof - It collects stuff here going over to Docker and onward past Capernwray. Here there were thousands of birds, which included hundreds of Fieldfare feeding up along with hundreds of Starlings, all being very noisy.
Also here I had a party of 32 Skylark went overhead.

Then went up to Trig Point (Hutton Roof). Here I had 4 Redwing overhead going SE, and 30 Fieldfare overhead going SE. Also a party of at least 100 Fieldfare on Dalton deforested. Also some Redwing close to the communial roost, but did not count them because I did not want to disturb. Also still 40 Mistle Thrush, along with several Greenfinch in Lower Dalton Crags. I had 27 Meadow Pipit in Dalton deforested plus 4 overhead heading South.