Monday, 10 October 2011

Visible Bird Migration at Hutton Roof - Mon 10th October 2011.

0700hrs-0800hrs I was there, but nothing on the move at all, I really cant blame them, when the wind was blowing at 40mph at times, with drizzle rain, and low cloud to both East and West.

1400-1600hrs - Just been out on Hutton Roof and lots of good stuff grounded: two Redwing parties 6,10. Mipits one area near Trig 50+, Greenfinch in Dalton Crags one party of 30+, Goldfinch: one party of 25 at (Dalton deforested) and one of 8, Crossbill: one party of 4 headed out to the NW and more grounded and calling towards Park Wood side. Several Siskin, Two Reed Bunting. A large party of 30+ Mistle Thrush (they've been there for a week or so) but more getting added daily.

So there is stuff there waiting to go. But in regards to moving birds this afternoon, well other than the Crossbill, it was nil. (and it is possible the Crossbill where just moving to other parts of Hutton Roof.

At last (well at least this afternoon), the weather is just about starting to improve eg: the winds calmed a bit!, stopped raining, and that low ceiling cloud is still there, but starting to move up altitude a peg or two and occasionally you can see little patches of blue skies in between. at least for now its not actually covering HR in low mist.