Friday, 11 May 2012

Burton-In-Kendals "Chiffchaffs" 2012

This year, similar to last year has been superb for "Chiffchaffs", and all known (by me) territories have again been filled, with even more surplus birds taking up new territories. For my ease of recording, I decided this year to "christen" all the birds with names, according to their individual geographical areas in and around the village or other recognizable and familiar factors. Obviously from time to time there has been overlap of territory and birds going on move abouts, but all in all I think this map gives a fair indication to the Status of the breeding Chiffchaff within the Burton In Kendal areas. By the way for obvious reasons! I have not given names to the Willow Warblers of Burton, which probably outweigh their cousins by some ten to one!!.