Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Spring Sandwort almost everywhere on the Roof.

Yesterday Tue 29th May 2012
1730-2030hrs - Plain Quarry to The Rakes (The Common) and return via circular.

Straightaway at the Car Park and Chiff Craig was singing. Finding Spring Sandwort almost everywhere on The Roof, just after leaving the Trig, again before the Rakes, and on leaving the Rakes, and at the Cairns. Far too much to make a serious survey at present. But if I do get chance later in the week I will try and get back and at least mark off the individual areas. It maybe a national rarity, but up here locally it does seem quite widespread. Also now stopped recording Early Purple Orchids, far too many to record.
Found a new one to me called "Sanicle", but from all accounts its very common. Most of these flowers where whilst coming through the Crag areas (on the Common).
Found a new patch of the rare Spring Cinquefoil. Also had 3 (new to me) Garden Warblers singing. The Yellowhammers on the Rakes side were singing. Also a new Tree Pipit singing from close to the Rakes area.

Today: Wednesday 30th May 2012

0800hrs-1030hrs Just a quick walk up to Lancelot Clark Storth, checking out various things and returning via Slape Lane etc.
Chiff Clarky singing away along with two Blackcaps, four Willow Warblers. The Common Cow Wheat is now in full flower everywhere on its patch. Found several small areas with Common Rock Rose and marked these off, along with mega amounts of Birdsfoot Trefoil, some of the small Lesser Trefoil and two good areas of the Common Meadow Rue, also had Eyebright, Lily Of The Valley and one lovely patch of Angular Solomons Seal. Also a nice suprise was to see a Bloody Crane'sbill reddish purple flower growing out of the limestone grykes.
On my way back found a large colony of Yellow Pimpernel.