Friday, 18 May 2012

Toothwort and Herb Paris in Silverdale

Checked out Toothwort and Herb Paris near to White Moss/Thrang areas (Nr. Hale). The Toothwort is now well past its best, but noted this year instead of the normal two flower sprigs which has been the normal, there is now ten.
Also found several small Herb Paris colonies within a small woodland in the same area and had 577 individual plants in five areas, OK some of the plants were immatures and dont expect flowering this year, but there were certainly over 450 matured flowering plants. There is also another three sites closeby with this species, but for today had to rush off, because I set my stall out to find some old "Toothwort" colony within Eaves Wood.

On my way to Eaves Wood, called of to check out the Silverdale "Ladys Slipper Orchid" which is in mature leafage, but not yet starting to flower, which I would expect perhaps over the next two weeks.

At Eaves Wood had walk right up to Pepperpot, on way up found the Toothwort colony from 2010 which then had ten sprigs, this year could only see three, but by now past its best and being encroached with some ground forming Yellow Pimpernel ground leafage, so there could have been more sprigs beneath this.

Just about 100 yards further on and I found another toothwort colony, this time with a minimum of 22 separate sprigs. Well pleased with this.

Also very tame Marsh Tits, where coming down right at my side without worries, also lots more further up the route. Also Goldcrest heard singing.