Monday, 21 May 2012

Birds Foot Sedge Photos etc

Photos: top Spring Sandwort, Spring Cinquefoil, Speedwell, Hairy Rockcress, Dinghy Skipper Butterfly and two photos of the rare Birds Foot Sedge.

Yes its been a absolute cracker of a weekend.
It started on the Saturday by being invited to the Cumbria Wildlife Trust 50th Anniversary being held at Hutton Roof Village Hall, with superb presentations etc about the history of the Trust and its early day connection with Mr. Rothschild, and lots of information on the historic ownerships, and origins of it all. This was then later followed by a expert led walk around the Lancelot and Burton Fell areas. It took in most of the day and there was lots on offer all the time. It was also a nice bonus to hear yet another Cuckoo this time calling from somewhere in the Burton Fell area, this bringing the Cuckoos throughout Hutton Roof to at least three.

On Sunday I have been all over the place on Hutton Roof logging Early Purple Orchids, Lily of the Valley, Angular Solomens Seal and other rare species.

Lots of rare species seen within the umbrella of the Hutton Roof Crags areas which did include: Spring Sandwort, Spring Cinquefoil, Birds Foot Sedge, Rigid Buckler Fern and The Limestone Fern. I've also just found some Field Madder.

Today (Monday) been up checking the rare Hairy Rockcress in Dalton and now up to 41 individual flowers (some immature) some in full head (see photo). Also today had at least two singing Lesser Whitethroats in the deforested areas, but suspicious that there could be a possible six birds in this area. Tree Pipits all singing well. One Wheatear (a female, solitary, darker dusky colouring) on wall before common. A small lizard no bigger than a newt crossed my path. And how nice to see a "Dinghy Skipper" Butterfly.

Also found a new to me colony of "Herb Paris" (with 40 flowers) in the Dalton Area. Lots of Blackcaps a odd Garden Warbler, and several Willow Warblers calling.