Friday, 25 May 2012

Deer Ticks prolific at moment.

0545-0700hrs - Only one chiff singing away whilst on the rounds this morning and that was Lee

Beware of the deer ticks on Hutton Roof, they seem very prolific at the moment. I am forever brushing them off, these last few days, and another one got the bite only yesterday! It is usually the case if you lie or kneel down to take a photo, or working close to the ground. Not to worry its all part and parcel when you live, work or enjoy the countryside ...

Today meeting up with a good naturalist friend, who has asked me to point him in the direction of the Garden Warblers on Dalton. He is keen to try and get some good photographs. So we are meeting up at Plain Quarry, mid morning.

Also had a pair of Tree Pipits from down at clearing just before Crags. Also had Small Copper Butterfly at bottom of deforested, and several Small Heath Butterflies at clearing before Crags. Found a new colony of Hairy Rockcress which contained 42 flowers over a area of approx 15ft x 15ft square.