Thursday, 24 May 2012

Surveying the rare Birds-Foot Sedge

1000hrs- 1330hrs.
Been very busy today, surveying by measuring the size of the area, counting and recording the rare "Birds-Foot Sedge" (Carex ornithopoda).

It was previously thought there may have been around the 40 - 100 clumps in our Hutton Roof area. But on survey the results came to a massive 678 clumps and spreading. So that really is good news for this threatened species.

The area checked out was approx 42 metres x 39 metres and the total counted was a very conservative figure, because there was clumps merging, and also some were lost to the undergrowth of other species etc. but all in all I do think this is a very fair assessment.

Noticed two Song Thrush eggs which looked to me like they had just been possibly plundered.