Wednesday, 23 May 2012

From Serious Student one day to Soap Actors Company the next day.

0545-0700hrs. Well the sun is not cracking the flags today, in fact at present there is a low mist giving it that "spooky" sort of morning. But before long the sun will again be cracking the flags!!
On my way around this morning had Chiffchaffs, Lee, and Green (which I have not had for a while) and Vicar all singing away.
And now what a difference a day can make!!
Today will be a complete contrast - would you believe only yesterday I was well wrapped up with the serious study of the Rare Spring Sandwort on Hutton Roof, and today the absolute opposite, by going down to Granada Studios and checking out some of the Corry Stars. I was saying to my wife Sandra only this morning, that anyone knowing this would say "the man's barmy" the two things are as different as chalk and cheese, but she then encouraged me to put it on the blog, so I thought I would and here goes.
Yes when the family has got business on, or have decided to do a little shopping in the City, I usually bid their farewell and nip over to the local museums or alternatively will go down to the Granada Studios and have a hour or so chatting with the stars and sometimes getting photos or autographs.
What a contrast you may say, and I certainly would not blame you, but its all good fun, and OK to take a day off now and again....
Check these out from my recent visits to the studios: