Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Beautiful Bee Orchids on my doorstep.

Today: Tuesday 19th June 2012. 0930hrs-1200hrs.

Been down to Carnforth to check out yet another site to see how the Bee Orchids where doing along with the progress of the Marsh Helliborines etc.

Two years ago I found a single Bee Orchid at this site, last year I found twenty odd, and this year it got even better with 73 plants, and if I had the time, I probably could have found even more tucked away between the thousands of birdsfoot trefoil.

The Marsh Helliborines seem to be doing OK as you can see from the photo above. I would expect them to be about mid July, thats the usual.

Also had my first Hop Trefoil (see photo), Dyer's Greenweed, Self Heal, Scarlet Pimpernel and Yellow Rattle.

and from 1330hrs until 1630hrs Dalton to Trig Point

Had a good search around for bits and pieces, mainly in the Dalton deforested areas (see photo above) and then over the Trig towards the East side and back up and down through Crag House side.

Found more Hairy Rockcress, Mountain Mileck Grass. Lots of Small Heath Butterflies, 4 Small Pearl Bordered Fritillaries. A Common Lizard.