Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Turtle Stone on Farleton Side and The Rusty Back Fern.

Photos above are: Top: The Turtle Stone (Farleton), Rusty Back Fern (Farleton), Small tarn (Halfway House?) and finally a log covered in moss from within "Low Wood".

Yesterday: Wednesday 13th June 2012.

0545-0700hrs - Had Chiffs: Archie, Claw, Vicar singing over the past day or two.
0800-0900hrs - Went up to Newbiggin Crags on the Farleton side across from Hutton Roof. Look at the "Turtle Stone". Near here I had the "Rusty Back Fern" (Asplenium Ceterach).

1000-1800hrs - Went up to Grasmere on the 555 bus and then traversed by the back of the Mere and close to the sides of "Silver Howe" and over and down and eventually to the Loughrigg Tarn. Then going on the country lane around the back of the Tarn, we did head off in a Ambleside direction. Soon we found a little tarn of which it said (Half Way House on a noticeboard) of which the River Brathay ran directly through it, and it was nice to stop here and have refreshment before continuing along the very annoying traffic manic main road back to Ambleside.