Sunday, 10 June 2012

Ferns, Tree Stump pattern, and more Ferns (later)

Friday last 8th June 2012 was at Appleby Horse Fair for the day. Met up with old friends from down in Lancs.

Yesterday Saturday 9th June 2012.
Well what a turn up for the book! after about six weeks absence, Chiffchaff "Mo" has returned and was singing away down near "Hordley House" in Burton. Somehow, although I had not heard it for ages, I still kept hope that it was OK and not been taken by cats or the local Sparrowhawk. I have seen this so many times before, that once the bird is down on territory and settled in with eggs or young, they go quiet, in fact very quiet, which I suppose is only natural when you dont want to bring attention to yourself.
Also had Chiff "Mol" singing from within the Holme Park Quarry Nature Reserve at Clawthorpe.

from 1330hrs until approx 1830hrs. Spent time checking out the "Pavement" in Lancelot behind the "Cow Pens". Brilliant stuff, took lots of great photos of "ferns" etc., and found lots of not too familiar "Ferns". I will put on the blog later. Just for now a quick sample of one of my photos of "cut back tree" probably a rowan, and over time the weather has polished it and created lots of fabulous patterns in the wood, so here for now a "quick photo" others to follow. Also found lots of Dark Red Helliborines (leave and buds - early stages yet) lots of Mountain Melick, Travellors Joy, and even more "Common Rock Rose", and Angular SS and Lily OTV.