Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Small Pearl Bordered Fritillaries on show today.

These are two of the three "Small Pearl Bordered Fritillaries" I had today whilst traversing Hutton Roof. The first two which are shown here where taken down near the Rakes and the other one which I saw was on The Common, close to the Burton Fell boundary wall. One of the two was feeding on Mouse Ear Hawkweed as you can see in the photo.
The Cuckoo was calling on my way up at 1315hrs and also again when I was coming down at 1815hrs.
Found another five locations for the Common Rock Rose, also saw lots of Spring Sandwort. Wild Thyme is just starting to come through see above photo.

Watching Yellowhammer at close quarters, and birds constantly coming over and making their "Ching" flight call. Also other birds doing their full song.