Friday, 15 June 2012

"The Scream" and Farleton Knott

Is this yet another superb example of natural limestone sculptures. It could be "The Scream" and was found quite close to Farleton Knott.

Serenaded by the best, with jingles from the Linnets, Yellowhammers and the Tree Pipits, along with many of the more common species. I wanted to try and put in words the "immitation" of the Yellowhammers call. How many times have I done this before and it always seems to be written different each time! but for today it was: che,che,che,chi......p e e s e (sort of said quickly and then drawn out with the peese.

The reason I set out today for Farleton was again in search of the rare elusive "Holly Fern" (polistichum), which was found in this area according to most of the historic accounts, but today it was still elusive for me. But did have plenty of Limestone Polypody, Other Shield Ferns I need to check out for identification. I did stop to take a photo of the rear side of the "Rusty Back Fern" I found the other day. Although perhaps not the rarest of ferns, there is to my knowledge only one more example record besides this one on the whole of Hutton Roof, so I guess you could say, locally rare!! A small example of Angular Solomon's Seal was also found.

It was a difficult morning with regular intermittent heavy rain showers. It was obvious to me that this area must be the main area around here for the "Lesser Meadow Rue" with absolutely hundreds of examples closeby. Also nice to again to see the "Enchanters Nightshade" which grows nearby. I am of the opinion that this maybe the rarer "Upland" or "Alpine" type.

Mapped out at least three Willow Warblers whilst travelling the circular route, and also nice to see Redpolls going overhead, and a single female Wheatear which looked like a local breeder of Eurasian stock.
Come back soon for Saturdays "MARSH ORCHID PHOTOS"