Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Northern Marsh Orchids in Lancashire

Saturday last 16th June 2012

Here are some "Northern Marsh Orchid" photos taken on a waterlogged Saturday last. Sadly the photos dont match up with last year, there just is not the choice of "plumes" about this year. In fact numbers have also deteriated over the past three years from thousands to hundreds at this site which sadly is seeing a rapid demise of the Orchids in general, although the species fairs well on other sites not too far away.

The site is not managed for wildlife and is now suffering through the encroachment of scrub Willow and horsetail species having got hold and taking over. The site is privately owned and earmarked for development in the future.

The site quite close to Carnforth in Lancashire, not only host the Northern Marsh Orchid, but is also the home to quantities of the rare Southern Marsh Orchid, Bee Orchid, the rarer Pyramidal Orchid, together with numerous Common Spotted Orchid.