Saturday, 23 June 2012

More of Lancelot's Treasures.

Today Saturday 23rd June 2012 - More of Lancelot's Treasures.
Rather wet, but work to do and noticed the "wheat" had broken through. It only seems like yesterday it was planted!

I'm not absolutely sure about the moth but think it maybe a "Light Emerald" which came to rest whilst I was checking out the Old Man Chuckles Pavement, on Lancelot, above the Spring.

Noticed plenty of Dropwort is coming through within Lancelot, I always think it looks extremely well when early, showing the red balls, to make a good dash of colour to contrast the open broken through flower.

Also I have took this photo of the stone head, and I thought over the months that "I have seen you before somewhere I am sure! I generally see you on The Common, or at least there is a chap who looks very much like you and he's the one I call "Easter Man". For me its does seem quite noticeable that its got many similarities in both shape and detail of the "head"!! He must be a close relation.

Just for my records and ease of recognition I do need a name for that very small pavement in Lancelot of which this stone sits pretty within its centre. So it was actually suggested by one of the Arnside party the other day, why not call it "Tortoise Head" and for me why not! so I shall now for the time being call this pavement, "Tortoise Head pavement".

Eventually arrived at intended destination which was the middle pavement and here I managed to find a couple of score of new Dark Red Helliborines coming through at all stages, together with 5 new colonies of the beautiful "Hard Shield Fern", a couple of places with Limestone Polypody fern, a nice growth of Bittercress growing amongst the grykes and also past mature "Lily Of The Valley". So it was well worth coming out today, even in the rain.